If you think medical massage is a bit of a contradiction, please think again. Massage has long been part of the treatment options in dealing with injury stress or certain other conditions.

It’s not a relaxing soothing massage, although both of those are great side benefits. The aim of medical massage is to treat and help cure.

Medical massage therapists at spas in fredericksburg va moved into these gentler healing arts when they see the benefits which can occur from touch.

Helping with ailments

Headaches are caused by pain in the neck or shoulders, even a trapped nerve. Medical massage can get the entire area to relax and ease the pressure on the head.

Blood circulation is always better after a massage. Gently massaging tissues helps blood and oxygen flow through your system and into areas where it is needed.

Digestion is stimulated, although it is better not to eat before a massage.

Treating Injury

If you’re a sportsperson or have experienced some sort of other injury, massage can help by getting blood flow into the affected areas and by gently working with strained muscles can help you recover prior mobility.

Stress Reduction, pain and muscle tension

Massage has been proven to help directly with all these symptoms and now mainline medicine is beginning to be open to the possibility massage can also help in more serious situations such as digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. The Mayo Clinic reports more evidence is needed and this is not conclusive.

Discuss with your Doctor

If you are uncertain as to whether a massage may be beneficial discuss it with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant, have cancer or unexplained pain.

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For everyone else you can take the benefits of a day at the spa.